Increase Your Morale and Your Effeniency by the Help of Motivational Coach

Mary Morrissey

A motivational coach is one who can encourage the person being coached to develop a positive outlook, which can then enable him or her, to overcome any perceived boundaries or roadblocks to move forward in their careers or set goals.

Those motivational coach would need to be the one who would possess a very good oratory skills, these are being used to inspire an audience to become more enthusiastic in whatever work they have laid out in front of them. Many organizations bring in such inspiring speakers to motivate their employees to achieve set goals. A motivational coach would need to be able to make listeners understand. That all their advises can easily be achieved. To succeed with this, it is important that the content would be relevant, entertaining and inspiring enough to achieve the person?s attention to what is being said. Many coaches insist on interaction with their audience and this helps them to build a bond that can then be used to take the concerned persons towards the objectives required. This will allow a motivational coach Like Mary Morrissey to work on the knowledge or inspiration that is being shared to the actual needs of the audience and would give more effective results.

It can be of great assistance if these speakers have a lot of experience that would allow them to share on tips and advice that are understandable and is based on the experiences that they have personally. These speajers would give the most effective result. When they have the audience think on everything that is shared. This would need the speaker to become emotional. They need to show their elicit laughter and sympathy while being heard in complete silence. The good speakers are those who are giving short speeches. They assure that they build an outline of what they want to achieve and then they would give the audience an opportunity to be involved with asking questions or sharing opinion on the subject matter. The speaker should be able to understand that it is the audience that would be the most important thing and not his or her presence.

Mary MorrisseyMotivational speakers need to have a commanding voice and presence and will benefit very much from having clear diction and the ability to use simple language, without too many high sounding words. A person who speaks quietly and gets his or her message across will get better motivation, than a person who expends energy in shouting or gesticulating to hold attention. What is essential is the content and its ability to hold the attention of the audience. Humor is always welcomed by the audiences, however having a lot of jokes can take away from the real issue of what is needed to be accomplished. The qualifications of a motivational speaker can be really important, since this is the reason that can often give out a sort of authenticity to whatever is said.

A motivational coach can be of great help to an organization when new targets are being set or fresh marketing campaigns are being launched. They can represent as incentive which indicates that the goals set can be achieved and the efficiency at work would be increased. The person that is chosen must have a great experience in speaking and acting. In order for them to create motivation for people to perform better.


Andrea Doven and What Makes Her a Good Recruiter?

Andrea DovenIn terms of recruiting, there are professionals you can depend on. However, among these professionals, there is someone who sets out among the rest and it’s Andrea Doven. As one of the finest recruiters, she possessed an uncanny ability to match those with careers. It’s an intangible quality and it’s the one that is hard to pinpoint.

Recruiters like Andrea Doven are the human resource professionals responsible in acquiring the word out about the best job opportunities and obtaining qualified candidates when filling such positions. There are various types of recruiters in the industry, yet only some succeed and this includes Andrea Doven who’s dedicated in her profession and assists companies get the best set of professionals who’ll make their business succeed in no time.

Andrea Doven is a one of a kind recruiter is because she has a good network. As a recruiter, she understands how vital having a large network of business contacts in some industries in helping her look for the candidates that would fill in the available positions. With her well-connected network, she was able to create a pipeline that helped her find a good source of best candidates.

Andrea DovenAndrea Doven also believes that research is important to be a good recruiter. For her to look for the right and best candidate, she needs to know the different aspects of the job positions available and for her to understand the description, she always conduct a research regarding the industry, job position, and company. Asking questions is also essential for Andrea Doven. It is because this lets you know more about the firm and available position to fill.

Andrea Doven also takes pride from using the newest tools in recruiting process. The reason why she incorporates the latest technology is because it can help her improve marketing abilities and other skills important for recruiting. Technology also lets recruiters to pull up the candidate’s portfolio. It also shows the tracking history of every job they have applied for and their contact details.

Andrea Doven also keep consistency in mind when it comes to recruiting. She knows that all of her clients want quality candidates while allowing them to maintain their budget and hiring guidelines. That’s why she is always consistent with her work when delivering the best possible results that her clients want. Andrea Doven already dealt with different industries, making her as one of the best recruiters in every field. So, whatever your company niche is, expect that Andrea Doven will give you what you need.


The Escape of YEON-MI-PARK from North Korea to China

Yeon Mi ParkThe family of YEON-MI-PARK had experienced hardships and struggles in life when her father was imprisoned due to illegal trading as well as hard labor. Park’s view and perspective about the Kim Dynasty had changed after viewing the 1997 movie, entitled Titanic. While watching the pirated DVD of this movie, she realized the North Korean government’s oppressive nature. She learned too much from the movie and she totally understood the true essence of love. It also gave her “the taste of freedom”. He realized the cruelty of the government when she is 9 years of age and when she witnessed how her mother’s friend has been executed because of watching the movie of James Bond and selling DVDs.

YEON-MI-PARK together with her family fled from North Korea through crossing the borders going to China. March 30, 2007, Park and her mother were able to cross 3 mountains and the frozen river through the help and assistance of the broker, so that they will be able to reach Chinese border. When they escape North Korea and decided to go to China, their father decided to stay in North Korea because he will just be a problem. When they reached Chinese border, stayed in Jilin and they tried to look for her elder sister Eunmi. They asked smugglers about her sister but nothing happened and they had already thought that her sister is already dead.

Yeon Mi ParkOne smuggler had threatened them that they will be reported to authorities if she will not have sex with the smuggler. However her mother had secured the safety of her daughter and he decided to offer herself to smugglers. The mother of Park has been raped in front of her. After few days, her father had already joined them. Park and her family looked for shelter and they have decided to stay at great-aunt’s home located outside the Shenyang, China, this is a hiding place that is unable to pay for the running water. While living in China, Park realized that the living condition of that country is the same with North Korea.

YEON-MI-PARK’s father died in January 2008 at 45. Since they are hiding, they are not able to mourn him formally because they are afraid that their profiles might be discovered by the Chinese authorities. So they just buried their father in the nearby mountain. After the burial, they travelled for about 2 days going to the Christian Shelter, which is headed by South Korean and Chinese missionaries. Since the population of Koreans in Qingdao China is larger, they are able to divert the attention of the authorities against them. With this, they took the chance of escaping going to Mongolia.