Perry Belcher Product Reviews

congress3In the world of online marketing, there are few as experienced as Perry Belcher. His product and service reviews, shared with thousands on his own YouTube channel, captivate watchers, and allow others to take advantage of his expertise no matter where they are.

Perry Belcher is a Texas-based entrepreneur, author, consultant, and venture capitalist. Perry has been in the sales and marketing business since the late 1990s. In that time, Perry has been involved in a number of businesses, from a successful Chinese importing concern, to a sales and marketing consultancy, to helping writers get published. Perry’s vast experience, coupled with his ability and willingness to share those experiences, makes him a popular figure in the digital marketing world. His methods work, too, and hundreds of businesses have used his lessons with success.

Perry knows how important it is to attract new customers on a constant basis, and to engage with those customers in a meaningful way to complete sales transactions and boost revenue. With those goals in mind, he has developed a number of strategies to assist businesses with turning website visitors into paying customers. Some of those strategies include:

Calling out to customers
Explaining the problem, and demonstrating why you offer the best solution
Provide incentives and bonuses to new customers
Make limited-time offers to boost excitement in the product or service on offer links-of-london-mini-belcher-bracelet-3-large

These methods are proven to work. Perry’s own experiences with these methods have led him to millions of dollars in sales over the years — a solid testament to the effectiveness of these business strategies.

Perry has an extensive social media presence, which helps him connect with followers from all over the world. His Facebook, Google+ and Twitter feeds are packed with useful information, and Perry’s dynamic personality and passion for marketing come through his postings.

Along with partner Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher co-founded Digital Marketer (DM), a resource for businesses to tailor their marketing strategies in a way that works. With thousands of satisfied clients, DM has rapidly become a powerhouse in the digital marketing and online presence industry.

Digital Marketer helps businesses:

Bring more site traffic to the business
Maximize conversion rate optimization
Boost customer engagement

Perry has also authored a number of popular “how to” manuals for businesses. The tools and tips contained in his books allow any business, large or small, to see real improvements in revenue stream and customer engagement. Along with writing, Perry has helped other authors to create, market, and sell their own works on the Amazon Kindle platform.

Perry Belcher’s willingness to help other increase their own revenue streams, boost website traffic, and engage with customers, makes him a popular consultant and resource for business-minded folks the world over.