4 Memorable Party Themes To Try This Year

If you’re planning to host a birthday or housewarming party or some other type of special event, you can try incorporating one of several party themes to make the occasion more memorable. The best party themes can make gatherings more fun for guests and add some pizzazz to the occasion. Here are four memorable party themes that you should consider trying this year.

World Traveler 

You can make your guests feel as though they’re being taken on a trip around the world by hosting a travel-themed party. Images of exotic and faraway places can be displayed on walls to get everyone in the mood to explore the world. Edibles from different international cuisines are also great to include. HuffPost suggests sending party invitations that look like passports or luggage tags as a way to generate more interest in the upcoming event.

Wild West 

Saddles, cowboy hats and toy guns can all be part of your Wild West party. Small wooden wagons, old lanterns and bales of hay also make clever decorative items that you may wish to include in the party theme. Red and white checkered tablecloths will also be a nice touch. To make the party location look even more like a Western setting, try setting up some wall coverings that resemble the fronts of banks, jails and general stores.


If you have the space on your property or wish to rent an outdoor venue, you can host a garden party that will allow your guests to connect better with nature. One of the best parts about throwing a garden party is that you’ll be surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers and won’t need to invest a lot of extra time and money into buying and setting up additional décor items. Various edibles that include fresh herbs and other natural ingredients can be served to guests. House Beautiful offers the idea of setting up a garden cocktail bar if your party is going to be exclusively for adults.

Winter Wonderland 

No matter if it’s summer or winter, a Winter Wonderland party is always a fun occasion. Beautiful centerpieces that feature sparkling crystals resembling icicles can be placed around your venue to create a winter paradise. Cutout snowflake displays can be placed on the walls. Artificial trees that look like they’re covered in snow will further enhance the theme.

Instead of throwing a standard party, try incorporating any of these themes into your next event. Decorations and other items that are needed to create these themes are usually easy to find. By trying one of these themes, you’ll give your guests more reason to celebrate.


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