4 Ways to get rid of Ants in your Home

Of all the common household pests that you may come across, ants are especially problematic. For one thing, you may find ants in your home during any time of the year. The other problem is that unlike some pests which show up one at a time, ants typically arrive in large armies.

Luckily, there are some easy and safe ways to get rid of ants that don’t require costly professional extermination services. We’ve listed our four favorite ways to get of ants in the home.

1. Set Up a Barrier

Ants arrive in armies, marching in a line toward their destination. If you see a line of ants making their way toward a place in your home, set up a barrier in your door or entryway using a nontoxic household product. Some common household products that work as effective barriers are dish soap, duct tape and baby powder.

Next, you can take a wet sponge and run it along the trail of ants, picking up as many as you can. Simply run the sponge under water and watch the ants go down the drain.

2. Diatomaceous Earth

This natural mineral that comes in powder form effectively eradicates critters of all kinds. Line your entryways with a thin line of this powder. The abrasive nature of the mineral will destroy the exoskeletons of the ants and the high salt levels will dehydrate them, killing them on the spot.

Once you can see that the ants are dead, simply vacuum them up and say goodbye to them forever.

3. Spray Them with Vinegar

Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Vinegar acts as a strong deterrent from which ants will instinctively want to stay far away. Ants will also die immediately if you spray them with this mixture.

After you have sprayed all the ants in sight, spray the vinegar and water mixture around entryways, cracks in your walls and windowsills. The strong smell will keep them out for good.

4. Cayenne Pepper or Cinnamon

Ants are completely disgusted by cayenne pepper and won’t go near it as a result. If you know that ants are coming through a certain entryway in your home, line that area with cayenne pepper and they will turn back around.

The same goes for cinnamon. Cinnamon will deter ants, spiders and moths from disturbing your household. Sprinkle cinnamon in areas that pests can get through such as doors, windows and cracks in the wall.
By following these suggestions, you can eradicate an ant invasion in your home in a totally safe and natural way. Plus, these methods are significantly more affordable than hiring a professional exterminator.


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