5 Alternate Uses for E-Juice Bottles

Got plenty of empty e-liquid bottles lying around? Don’t throw them away just yet. There are plenty of uses for your bottles. You can store them with almost any type of oil and face serum. Read this guide to learn more.

CBD Oils

Vaping has increased in popularity. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been without its share of regulations. CBD oil is legal for use in all of the 50 states. However, that hasn’t stopped vapers from trying it.

Use your empty e-juice bottles to hold your CBD oils. You can even mix it with some of your favorite e-juice products to enhance the taste of the CBD oil, making it more pleasant to inhale.

Liquid Vaping

Most vapers hold onto their empty e-juice bottles so they can create their own e-liquid for vaping. According to Business Matters, smoking homemade e-juice is a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. It allows vapers to experiment with a different flavor or method every day.

They use a wide variety of chemicals and liquids that contain nicotine and other ingredients to make sure their e-liquids are good enough to vape. You can create your own e-liquids into large quantities and sell them to people. The best way to deliver them is an appropriate e-liquid bottle.

Essential Oils

You can also use your bottles to store some of your favorite essential oils. Some people have turned to natural and essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, and chamomile to reduce stress. This side of the market is quickly replacing vegetable oils and glycerin.

However, most essential oils aren’t safe enough to inhale. It’s best to use these empty bottles to store your essential oils for topical use only. Use essential oils on parts of your body such as your neck, your wrists, and the inside of your elbows to create a calming effect.

Face Serums

Use your empty e-liquid bottles to store some of your favorite face serums. You should clean out your bottles before using them to keep your face serums. This is a great option if you don’t like the original bottle that your serum came in as some can leak or break.

Pure Concentrates

Some companies in the vaping industry have begun work on using cannabis concentrates. This is different from CBD oil as these concentrates can be used in any vape pen without diluting glycerin or oil. This is ideal for vapers who don’t want to inhale any chemicals or toxins. Pure concentrates can be stored safely in empty e-liquid bottles since they have child-resistant caps.

Now you know what to do with those empty e-liquid bottles. You can use them to resell vaporizers or for your own personal use.


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