5 First Timer Things to Know Before Going to the Gun Range

Many people who choose to purchase a hand gun, whether for personal safety or home defense, are often surprised to learn that many states require that you not only register your gun, but also learn how to safely use it. If you find yourself in this position, you’ll be happy to know that a gun range is a great place to familiarize yourself with gun safety and proper use — but there are some things you need to know before you go.

It’s Loud!
If you think the sound of a single gunshot is loud, consider the noise level when there are dozens of guns firing simultaneously. A good set of ear muffs or ear plugs is a must. Don’t have any? Most gun ranges offer hearing protection rental for a nominal fee.

Don’t Forget The Eyes!
With all the noise in a gun range, it’s easy to forget that spent bullet casings become volatile projectiles under the right conditions. Even if you wear glasses, the gun range will probably require you to wear a set of safety glasses during practice. And yes, you can rent those as well.

Ammo Is Expensive
We know you’re excited, but don’t go rapid-firing once you get to the lane. Next to the initial gun purchase, bullets will be your biggest expense in gun ownership. It’s wise to decide ahead of time how many rounds you’ll fire so you don’t end up out of bullets (and money!) before you’re done practicing.

Sobriety Is A Must
The only things that should be loaded in a range are the guns. If you show up to a range intoxicated, you can bet that you’ll be escorted out in a pair of shiny silver bracelets. Save the drinking for game day and not range day.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions
Whether military, law enforcement, avid hunter or somewhere in between, range employees know their stuff and are proud to talk about their passion. No question is too small or silly. They all remember how overwhelming it was their first time at a range and they’ll give you all the information you need. Whether you’re there to shoot a gun or just shoot the breeze, don’t be surprised if you walk into a gun range a beginner and walk out a pro.

Whether you’re just starting your gun purchase journey or you need to learn how to safely use one you already own, a gun range is a great place to pick up the skills you need. After all, the best gun in the world can’t protect you if you don’t know how to use it.


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