5 Things You Must do In Maui

Maui is one of the most beautiful places to visit. As one of the Hawaiian islands it has over 30 miles of beaches, along with pools, volcanic peaks, a wide range of wildlife and waterfalls. Its beautiful year-round climate and miles of beaches mean that many of the best things to see with in the water that surrounds the island. Maui is also home to some of the best national parks in America. Here are 5 things that you must do and see in Maui on your visit.

1. One of the main attractions is The Haleakala National Park. It contains many natural wonders including a dormant volcano and is perfect for hiking and seeing some of the local endangered birds. While it is great for hiking, it is also possible to drive to the summit to enjoy its spectacular views. There are other national parks to enjoy including the Waiʻanapanapa State Park in which you can see the black lava sand.

2. The Molokini crater is perfect for going snorkeling and swimming with the large population of green turtles who swim at Turtle Arches. A tour with a naturalist guide will enhance the experience as he tells you about the ecology that makes up the area.

3. There is the unique adventure of going on a battery powered submarine and viewing some of the marine life at over 100 feet under the water. From the viewing windows you will be able to see a sunken shipwreck that has now become an artificial reef for a wide assortment of fish. It is also possible to see turtles and reef sharks that swim among the shipwreck’s remains.

4. The Hana Highway winds its way around the northern side of the island and offers spectacular views of the Pacific ocean. The highway is over 64 miles long and it connects the town of Hana on the east side with Kahului. There are several small towns along the way that offer local cuisine and arts and crafts.

5. Along with the turtles and sharks that you can see underwater, you can also watch humpback whales as they swim and breach out into the air causing large torrents of water as they land back down into the Pacific with their large tails slapping down into the ocean. During the winter they have made their way to the warmer waters in order to breed and raise their calves. Certified marine naturalists and biologists will tell you about the animals and it is also possible to listen to the keening and chirping that they use to communicate with each other.

While it is possible to enjoy Maui from the beautiful resorts and beaches, these five activities will make your stay even more unique and enjoyable and they will allow you to see much more of the island that lies beneath its surface.



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