6 Important Reasons to Keep Up the Exterior Paint on Your Home

At least one reason to keep the exterior of the house painted is obvious. A fresh coat of paint makes a house attractive, even to the point where it boosts the appeal of the neighborhood. It doesn’t even matter if the home is up for sale though a newly painted house does draw the attention of someone who’s in the market to buy. But that’s far from the only reason to keep up the exterior paint job. Here are five others:

Paint Protects the House
Whether a home is in an area that gets warm, humid summers and brutal winters, dry summers and mild winters or is near the beach where it’s assaulted with sun, sand and salt spray, paint protects the underlying material of the house. Paints and stains also resist damage from termites and carpenter bees as well as mold, mildew and moisture. This is especially important if the siding is made of wood.

A Decent Paint Job Might be Required
Some local ordinances require a homeowner to keep their home and yard looking tidy, and this means a half-way decent paint job. Indeed, in historical areas of some towns a homeowner might not even be allowed to paint their home a color that wasn’t available during the historical era that’s being commemorated.

Lengthens the Life of Siding
Though siding can last a long time, painting it makes it last even longer. Some types of siding come with colors baked in, while other types of siding such as aluminum and vinyl can be painted. Wood siding almost begs to be painted.

Helps the Homeowner Find Problems
Scraping off old paint and preparing the cladding of a house for a fresh coat of paint uncovers problems such as small cracks. An area where the paint has been flaking off may uncover an area of rot that can be easily repaired before it turns into a large and expensive job.

Remodels the House Without Remodeling
Painting the entire exterior of a home is not inexpensive, but it is probably less expensive than remodeling an entire room or two. A new coat of paint, especially if it’s a different color than the old one, can give a home a fresh and vibrant ambiance that’s almost as good as a new kitchen.

The time between paint jobs depends on where the house is located. Houses located on the beach may need a new coat of paint or two as often as every one to two years, while homes in gentler climates may only need to be painted every five to 10 years. Experts recommend paint that bears up well under the weather and resists fading or other damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


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