8 Moving Hacks to Keep You Sane

The good news is you are starting a new chapter in your life and moving to a new place. The bad news is that you have to pack all of your possessions into tons of boxes. The process is daunting and a bit overwhelming. Where do you start? These 8 moving hacks will provide tips and vital information for completing an efficient move.

1) Get Boxes

Local grocery and department stores receive large shipments each week. Call ahead or visit the store and ask if you are able to pick up boxes for your move. Most of the time, store managers will happily oblige.

2) Label and Organize Ahead of Time

When it comes to moving, don’t procrastinate. As soon as you know the date of the move, begin to place items that are not used frequently in boxes or bins. As it gets closer to the move out date, continue to bundle like items and pack until you get down to essentials. If you won’t use it on move-out day, it should be packed. As soon as you close a box, label what is on the outside to save time when unpacking.

3) Overnight Bag

Move out day is going to be chaotic. When you are finished hauling boxes, the last thing you will want to do is rummage through your items to try and find your toothbrush or pajamas. Plan ahead and pack a bag with important medications, clothing for the next day, hygiene products and anything else you deem as necessary.

4) Assign Stations

It’s great that your friends and family want to help, but when you have ten people asking you what to do, you may get overwhelmed. Don’t waste precious time on the day of the move. Strategically plan who will assist with what task. Things will more efficient and people won’t step over one another.

5) Book a Sitter

Whether you are a parent or a fur mama, you will want to make arrangements for your little ones. Large heavy objects will be moving back and forth. Doors will be propped open to move things quickly. Give yourself a peace of mind so you can focus on the move knowing loved ones are safe.

6) Ask Questions

Hiring professional movers? Book early to ensure you have enough people to execute the move and ask detailed questions about the service they provide. Do they bring their own equipment? Are there restrictions on items they can move? You don’t want surprises on the day of the move.

7) Purge

Prior to move-out day, take this opportunity to thoroughly inventory your personal items. Will your furniture make sense in the new home? You can easily resell or donate items which will make the move much smoother.

8) Use Clothing Instead of Bubble Wrap

Packing materials are expensive. If you have towels, linen, or tarnished clothing, feel free to use this to insulate boxes that contain fragile items. You will save money, reduce waste, and move more items per box. It’s a win for everyone.


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