Benistar: A Helping Hand for the Retiree

BenistarThe company gives and provides the retiree a retirement administration and health plan. They have been outsourcing more than 1,500 plan sponsors all throughout the company. Benistar customer service team is focused on the administration of the medical plans of the retiree and on the prescription drug plan. They assure their customer especially the retiree that they are willing to assist without rushing them off to the phone and make their client comfortable.

Benistar has consultants and brokers who have enough knowledge to give and provide to the retiree the prescription drug solution and medical plans nationwide for those businesses and organization.

They also have set of customer service representative that are very willing to help to their client in times of problems regarding their plans. They don’t let their client to face their problem alone, but they are always there to help until the problem is resolved. They are knowledgeable enough in answering question and making solution especially regarding on the Medicare Environment. They make sure that their employee is willing to help anytime just for their valued client.

BenistarBenistar is a company showing care and value to the retiree in the state that needs some attention and assuring to them that their medical and prescription drug plan is always on a good hand. They do their job to the best of their skills and knowledge just to render good quality of service for the retiree and even for the sponsors.

They also ensure that they will manage the enrollment process with CMS, with the carriers and they will coordinate of the different issues that may arise. They can rollover the current plan members to have a new plan without having individual enrollment forms. They also assure that they offer flexible bill to the members, sponsors and even split both if it is needed. Their customer service representative makes sure that their retiree customer service center has always takes pride in helping each members and sponsors in solving problems to completion.

They also have an easy process of implementation and help their sponsor to their plan to have an announcement letter to the retirees. They assure to the retiree that their employees like consultants, brokers and their customer services representative has expertise in Medicare rules and regulation, so they can assure to their client that they can make a smooth experience in both plan sponsors and to their member.