Benistar- An Industry of Benefit

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Benistar have been introducing new plans for retiree medical benefits and have been one of the most successful in its area of industry. Also, their retiree benefits insurance agents have started carrying the latest type of high ticket items. They specialize in health insurance, Medicare and Group Retiree Benefit Plans. Benistar associates with consultants that could sell prescription drug solutions for companies and organizations nationwide for retirees. They are considered a third party administrator of health plans that offers medical and mental health services.Provided with organized teams, their customer service representatives are experts in Medicare rules and regulations so they can provide the customers and clients a hassle free experience. They are available over the phone and in person to assist retirees with all their benefit needs, questions and concerns.

Execution. The application is easy. They send out an announcement letter that is given by thee sponsors and sent to the retirees. They work on the enrollment process with the carriers and works with any concerns or complaints that arrives. They can let the client apply to a new plan without individual forms and charge it to either the sponsor, members, or share between the two. The Retiree Customer Service Center helps out on every issues and concerns that could help solve problems and for their application to go as smooth as possible.

BenistarThey solve issues regarding Medicare environment since they are focused on retiree medical and prescription programs. They assist their clients and stay on phone with calling carriers to solve the customer’s problem. The company assists plan members in seamlessly transitioning from present arrangements without the need of applying forms or other challenging technology.

Benistar has 1,500 sponsors throughout the country that can provide retiree health administration and administers more than $1oo million in premiums annually.Benistar works with their clients to analyze the ongoing retiree program and work for the best strategy to improve their services. Benistar is fully acquainted with all CMS regulations related to Part D plans that are supported by the said company. They provide one location where the access can be easy to access to a number of tools to assist you in the management of your prescription drug benefit with Express Scripts.

Benistar has maintained as the trusted provider of group retiree benefits. It provides the clients benefit solutions for privately and publicly held companies, labor unions, city and county government entities, educational organizations, and religious organizations.