The Importance of Having Employee Recognition Awards

Adults are a lot like kids in that they love positive reinforcement and recognition of a job well done. It’s not a secret people love to be acknowledged for their hard work, yet so many employers forget to do just that. Employee recognition awards are a great concept, and it might be time for you to take a look at what it means for you and your employees at work.

Better Performance 

Award your employees for a job well done, and watch as they continue to do more of the same. They want to know you appreciate them and recognize what they’re providing to the company. They are working hard for their paycheck, sure, but they are also working hard because they love what they do. If you love what they do, show them. Reward them with some positive reinforcement. Encourage better performances by recognizing past good performances. More people want to be recognized, and they’ll work harder.

Increased Productivity 

When people feel unappreciated, they won’t want to focus on their job and giving you more of what you don’t seem to appreciate. Someone whose hard work is recognized and noticed is more likely to be more productive at work. Not only do they realize you do see what’s going on, they appreciate that you appreciate their hard work.

Hard work pays off, and their hard work can pay off for both of you. If you take the time to recognize someone who worked hard and made a great achievement, they won’t be the only person working hard in the future. Most people secretly want to be acknowledged, and this is one way to show them you notice.

Increased Workplace Happiness 

People who like their job are happier. They are in a better mood, they suffer from less stress, and they want to do more around the office. If you have happier employees, it shows. It shows in your product, in their customer service attitude, and in every aspect of your business. Happy employees work harder, they’re happier to help, and they’re loyal. These are important qualities.

You needn’t hold an award ceremony every week to show your employees you care about them. A simple luncheon every quarter to recognize those who have performed their jobs above and beyond will suffice. A thank you in the hallway, a quick email of encouragement and appreciation, and even a small bonus or gift card can help your employees feel really good about what they are doing. It all turns around and makes them work harder, so you benefit just as much as they do from your awards and recognition in the workplace.


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